A healthy diet is associated with better sperm quality

A healthy diet is associated with better sperm quality

A study conducted on a sample of 144 men, between 25 and 49 years old, who are performing a fertility treatment with their partner, has analysed various parameters associated with lifestyle to assess whether the fact of following a healthy diet is associated with an improvement in sperm quality. 51.3% of the total were overweight or obese, and 35.9% were smokers.

The dietary guidelines were analysed based on a validated questionnaire and the quality of the semen was evaluated according to the guidelines established by the World Health Organization.

According to the results, men who followed a diet that provided an adequate caloric intake had a sperm with greater mobility than those who followed a more caloric diet. Likewise, those who consumed a correct amount of saturated fats also had a higher concentration of sperm and greater mobility. Finally, it was observed that an adequate percentage of vitamin B9 (folic acid) was associated with greater sperm motility. In the other parameters, no significant statistical relationship was observed.

Therefore, the authors conclude that following a healthy diet can improve the quality of male sperm. However, although it has been observed that there is an association, it has not been possible to demonstrate a cause-effect relationship, so the observed results will have to be confirmed by more studies.

POSTER: Prospective analysis of dietary pattern influence on sperm quality on male partners of couples undergoing IVF/ICSI

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