Relationship between lifestyle and reproductive success Updating of information

Relationship between lifestyle and reproductive success Updating of information

The pre-congress course of the nursing interest group aimed to offer updated and complete information on how the lifestyle of both women and men can interfere in the achievement of pregnancy either with assisted reproduction techniques or spontaneous pregnancy. Different mobile applications, with the same objective, were presented aimed at improving the lifestyle of patients from the periconceptional period.

The different communications discussed how the body mass index (BMI), tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and diet can affect the in vivo culture medium found in the female organism and the sperm quality. The conclusions show that, although the indications are important, the impact on the result is still limited.

In the same course, a program of personalized care for patients diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) was also presented. Between 40-60% of patients diagnosed with this syndrome are overweight or obese. It has been shown that losing between 5% and 10% of body weight improves the most severe symptoms, as well as quality of life, self-esteem related to body image, and general health, and presents benefits at the reproductive, metabolic and psychological level. Through this program, the implementation of recommendations for these patients that involve all health professionals to get a multidisciplinary care is encouraged.

Finally, to close the course, what was called a "motivational interview" was presented. This type of interview is developed with the objective of obtaining information on the lifestyle of patients, always avoiding questions that can be interpreted as accusatory and from a perspective in which patients feel supported and accompanied in the process of modifying their lifestyle.

Pre-congress course:
“Optimising the lifestyle of women and men: a hands-on approach”

ESHRE Special Interest Group Nursing and Midwifery
Clara Pardos, coordinator